Rental Office in Andheri West

Property CodeBuilding NameRentDepLocalityFF/UF/SFDescriptionLink of photos
42070K4LLink road buildFFBuilt area 800 sq.ft Carpet area 650 sq.ft1meeting Room, 1 boss cabins, 12 seats, Two washroom
4241.15KNew link road FFAREA :-995 sq.ft
42577K4LNew link road FFAREA :- 688 sq.ft, Car Park- 10
42655K2LNew link road SFAREA :- 450 sq.ft
427Crystal Plaza60K3LVeera Desai FF2 Cabin , 15 Work Station 1 Car Parking
428Crystal Plaza60K3LVeera Desai FF 2 Cabin , 8 Work Station 1 Car Parking
429Maruti Chambers70K4.2LVeera Desai FF2 Cabin , 5 Work Station 1 Car Parking
430Richa Building48K2LNew Link road FF2 Cabin , 5 Work Station 1 Car Parking
431Richa Building80K4LNew Link road FF2 Cabin , 5 Work Station , 1 Car Parking
432Stanford Plaza75K4LVeera Desai FF1 Cabin , 20Work Station
433Venus Tower60K3LVeera Desai FF2 Cabin , 1 Conference Room, 8 Work Station
434Royal Plaza 85K3LVeera Desai SF 650Carpet , 1 Car Parking
435Peninsula Park1L6LVeera Desai SF 3 cabins , 1 Car Parking
436Maruti Chambers1.50L9LVeera Desai FF1 Cabin, 20 Work Station, 1 Car Parking
437Raheja Plaza1.20K7.2LIndustrial AreaFF1500 Carpet , 1 Car Parking
438Valecha Chamber2L12LVeera DesaiUF1400 Carpet , MT , 14 Feet Hight
439Kshitij Building2.25L13.5LVeera DesaiFF1 Cabin, 40 Work Station, 1 Car parking
440Cosmos Plaza2.50L15LDN NagarFF1 Cabin,1Conference, 15 Work Station, 1 Car parking
441Maruti Chamber2.50L15LVeera DesaiUF1500 Carpet , 1 Car Parking
442Moriya Landmark 22.50L15LBhudagarh ColonyFF3 Cabins ,1 Conference , 35 Work Station
443Killfire Premises2.50L15LVeera DesaiFF6 Cabin, 25 Work Station, 1 Car Parking
444Jai Krishna Complex2.50L15LVeera DesaiFF 35 Work Station, 1Conference,1 Conference Room, Reception , Pantry , Washroom
445Cosmos Plaza3.2519.5LDN NagarFF3 Cabin , 1 Conference , 25 Work Station , 1 Car Parking
446Kailash Plaza4L24LVeera Desai MD Cabin , 1 Conference , 6 Small Cabin , 1 Car Parking
447VIP Plaza4.50L27LVeera DesaiUF1 Car Parking
448Cresent Plaza5L30LVeera DesaiSF1 Car Parking
449Blue Wave5.50L33LVeera DesaiFF 7 Cabin , 2 Conference , 25 Work Station , 1 Big pantry , Reception with Waiting Area , 2 Washroom , 2 Car Parking
450Lotus link Square6L36LLotus link SquareUF1400 Carpet Plus 750 Basement, 1 Car Parking
451Valecha Chamber6L36LValecha ChamberFF60 Workstation , 7 Cabin, 1 Conference , Reception & Pantry
452Janki Centre6L36LVeera desaiFF10 Cabin, 35 Work Station, 2 car parking
453Valecha Chamber6.25L37.5LVeera DesaiFF85 Work Station , 2 MD Cabin , 1 Conference , Waiting Area , Pantry and Reception
4547.5L45LIndustrial EstateFF
455Cosmos Plaza8L48LDN NagarFF Lavishly Done Up Office With Big Terrace 5 Cabin , 1 Conference , 30 Work Station
4569.50L57LDN NagarUF4800 Carpet , 2 Car Parking
4571.20L7.2LSV roadFFCarpet 1095sqft
474Crystal Point1L6LNew Link RoadUF1200sf
477Kshitij Building2.30L13.8LVeera Desai FF1000sf carpet, 1 cabin & 45 work station
479Janki Centre1.4L8.4LIndustrial AreaFF1200sf
481Crescent royale1L6LVeera desai FFHigher floor, 820 sqft area, 14 work stations, 1 Big Cabin + 2 cabins, Pantry & 2 washrooms
50428K1LDN NagarUFAREA - 224 CARPET
512Moogipada Arcade45K2.7LDN NagarFF350 carpet fully furnished office with open parking
513Janki Centre65K4LVeera desai FF500 carpet 1 cabin 7 workstation attached toilet
51970K4LLink roadUFarea 800 sq.ft, Carpet area 650 sq.ft, 1meeting Room, 1 boss cabins, 12 seats, Two washroom
532Crystal Plaza60K3LVeera desai FFcarpet Approx 400sqft
Cosmo Plaza3L18LDN NagarFF3 cabin, 3 Cubicals, Conference of 10 persons, Reception, 27 workstations + 3 cabins, 3 washrooms, Kitchen, Dinning, 1225sqft carpet
55516L64LLink Roadtotal area 9300 sqft carpet* each floor area 4650 sqft carpet, compound area 5000 sqft, 12 car parking available.
565Janki Centre70K4.2LVeera desai SF
58585K3LVeera desai UF
60245K2.7LAdarsh Nagar500 Carpet
60337K2.2LAdarsh Nagar500 Carpet
60475K4.5LAdarsh Nagar1000 Carpet
61270K4.2LVeera desai FFArea - 500sqft, Lift Available, 1 Cabin And 7 Work Stations.
62316L36LNew link roadFFtotal area 9300 sqft carpet* each floor area 4650 sqft carpet, compound area 5000 sqft, 12 car parking available.
653Aston Building1.70K10.2LLokhandwalaUFBuilt-up: 1550 Sqft, *Carpet:900 Sqft
6727L4.2LLink RoadUF4500sq carpet, 1800sq Carpet Terrace
6734L2.4LLink RoadSF4000sq built up, 3000sq carpet
67475K4.5LLink RoadFF680sq built up, 400sq carpet
6759L5.4LLink RoadFF2400sq carpet, 998sq carpet Terrace, 272sq carpet Balcony, 5 Parking
6761.75K10.5LLink RoadSF1300sq built up, 800sq carpet
67755K3.3LLink RoadFF550sq built up, 280sq carpet
6781.75K10.5LLink RoadFF1500sq built up, 1000sq carpet
769Crescent royale90K5LVeera DesaiFF820sqft 14 work station, 1 big cabin 350 sqft, 2 cabins, pantry , 2 wash room, full air conditioned
772Royal Sand Building35K1LShastri Nagar
794Lotus Link Square1.50K9LAndheri West750 SQFT CARPET AREA WITH CAR PARKING
825Remi Bizcourt55K3.3LVeera DesaiFF
829Lotus Link Square22.5K13.5LAndheri WestCarpet 1250
830Lotus Link Square24.3K14LAndheri Westcarpet 1350
831Lotus Link Square29.7K17LAndheri Westcarpet 1650
838Vastu Prestige2.1L12.6LNew Link roadBuilt-up:1475 Sqft, Carpet: 900 Sqft Approx, Height:- 14" feet
8581.50K6LOpp to Infinity MallFFworkstations and 2 cabins and 1 conference room with personal washrooms and a pantry, Carpet:1250sqft
878Janki Centre50K3LVeera DesaiCarpet area- 350
91270K4.2LAdarsh nagarArea : 1500 Carpet
91380K4.8LAndheri WestFF600 sf
9145.50K33LAndheri WestFF3000 sq
9151.90K11LAndheri WestFF 500 sft + 500 sft
9163.20L19LAndheri WestFF 2400 sft
9174.50L27LAndheri West2000 sft
91860K3.6LAndheri WestFF350 sft 2 cabin 7 workstation
919Raheja Plaza1.50K9LIndustrial Area770SF
948DLH Building1.50k9LSV roadFF700 Sqft Carpet
9501.10K6.6Lapna bazarFF425* Carpet +125sqft loft, 2 cabin 10 work station pentry and Lounge aria, *glass faded building*
952Kuber Kartik Complex45k2.7LVeera Desai450sqft
953Kuber Kartik Complex1.80K10LVeera Desai1800sqft
954Richa 50K3LNew Link road
955Richa 65K3.9LNew Link road
956Richa 95K5.7LNew Link road
957Durga Chambers85K5LVeera Desai
958DilkapChambers80K4.8LVeera Desai
959Raheja Plaza1.45K8LIndustrial Area
960Raheja Plaza1.70K10lIndustrial Area
961Shree Krishna1.10K6.6LAzad Nagar
962Shree Krishna1.40K8.4LAzad Nagar
963Laxmi mall1.90K11LNew Link road
9647.60K4.45LFun Republic Lane3800sqft Carpet
965Ghanshyam Industry14L84LNear YSR Studio11400sqft
966Dilkap Chembers4L24LVeera DesaiFF3500sqft
9673.50K2LOpp City mallFF4000sqft
9685.80K3LBack Side KuberFF7500sqft
9842.66K15LJB Nagar UFCarpet Area-1971
9852.27K13LJB Nagar Carpet Area- 1685, Parking 1
9861L5LDN NagarUFCarpet Area- 710
988Lotus Link Square4.50K2.7LDN NagarFFManaging Directors' Cabin with attached toilet and shower, 2 large Cabins, 1 conference room, 1 Manager’s desk, 50 workstations, 1 Pantry and Kitchenette, 1 Pantry and Kitchenette, Ladies & Gents washrooms with multiple cells, 1 Reception, 2 Car Parkings
1004Laxmi Plaza90K5.4LLaxmi Industrial EstateFFoffice has 6 cabin and 12-15work station it is best for post production
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